Yogi Sponsors LiBeraturpreis 2017 to Support Women in Literature | Yogi Tea


Together with Yogi Tea Europe, we’re honored to sponsor LiBeraturpreis 2017, a literary award that supports women in literature. Hosted by Litprom; a nonprofit with the goal of promoting dialog between cultures through literature, LiBeraturpreis 2017 highlights work from women in literature who might otherwise not be recognized or represented. Each year, several authors are nominated for the LiBeraturpreis and a winner is selected by public vote. The chosen author receives a monetary prize, as well as financing for a self-chosen project that supports young women in literature.

By sponsoring the LiBeraturpreis 2017 and providing financing for such a project, it is our goal to assist Litprom in their efforts to support young writers and encourage thoughtful dialogue across cultures.

**UPDATE: The voting period is now over, and we’re happy to announce that Faribā Vafī, author of Tarlan, is the winner of LiBeraturpreis 2017! Stay tuned for more updates on Ms. Vafi’s literature project, and for more information about future LiBeraturpreis 2017 events.**

Visit the Litprom site to learn more about the authors selected for LiBeraturpreis 2017 (listed below), and to cast a vote for your favorite author beginning May 19.

Seven Years Night – Jeong Yu-Jeong; Korea

Tarlan – Faribā Vafī; Iran

The Place Where the Journey Ends – Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor; Kenya

Valley of Silence – Malla Nunn; Swaziland/Australia

Songs of a Forbidden Woman – Granaz Moussavi; Iran

I Am Alive – Kettly Mars; Haiti

Ministry of Public Arousal – Amanda Lee Koe; Singapore

The Vegetarian – Han Kang; South Korea

Rice And Ashes – Meena Kandasamy; India

Piano Oriental – Zeina Abirached; Lebanon

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