We’re excited to share news about three new partnerships with grower communities who supply some of our key tea ingredients. We are honored to further build these relationships by working with these partners to “Do Good” in their community!

Santa Teresa School Complex: Honduras

This summer, we’re partnering again with Pure Ground Ingredients (PGI), the Jerazano family, and the villagers of Santa Teresa to rebuild and expand their local school complex. Santa Teresa is a community of over 1,200 farmers and families, from where we source much of the Cardamom used in our teas, and where we built a bridge in 2016. We recently began construction on the school complex, which will support three additional grade levels and 100 additional students and will help to improve the overall future of the village and community.

Jalinga Black Tea Garden Hospital: Assam

Several ingredients we source originate from the Assam region of northeast India. One particular region of Assam, the Jalinga Tea Garden Community, is home to over 2,000 farmers and their families, who have very limited access to immediate health care. We’re honored to partner with the Jalinga Tea Garden Community to renovate and upgrade their hospital facility, which will include a new patient ward and additional restroom facilities for added patient privacy.

The current hospital facility in the Jalinga Tea Garden.

Cal Retor Project: Spain

For over two decades, YOGI TEA® – our European division – has sourced several ingredients from Herbes del Moli (HdM). This year, in partnership with HdM, a home on HdM property is being renovated and will be given to support adults with disabilities.

The home will support residents by providing work and vocational training, and the opportunity to gain regular employment with HdM to cultivate herbs, including lavender and oregano.