The Nevandra Association

Supporting human rights of children in India

Yogi is proud to support the Nevandra Association, an organization supporting human rights of young children in India – a region of the world where we source many of the spices used in our teas.

Through the Nevandra Association, we support three projects to provide children in Hyderabad, India with hope for the future by facilitating self-help initiatives focused on love, shelter, health and education:



‘Leilani’ means ‘heavenly flower’ or ‘heavenly child’ and is the name of a home offering homeless, orphaned girls a secure and loving place to live. Currently, 15 girls between the ages of 4 and 12 are living there together with house parents as one large family. Through Yogi’s support, the Leilani project was able to admit 5 additional children to their home.

Education for You

Secondly, through the ‘Education For You’ project, Nevandra facilitates self-help for families in poverty and looks after the children’s educational needs. In addition to school money, uniforms and books, Nevandra also provides lunches and regular medical check-ups. Families are encouraged to support their children throughout the learning process, meaning that parents, siblings and relatives also have the opportunity to learn to read, write and do arithmetic. In total, Yogi has helped to support the health and education of 40 children and their families.

Yogi Rescue Home

Sadly, human trafficking and slavery are not an unusual practice in India, and especially impact families moving from India’s countryside to larger, urban areas in hopes of finding a better life. Human traffickers seek to take advantage of these families with young children, taking children and selling them as slaves into child labor or even into the sex industry. The Yogi Rescue Home provides shelter to young women who have managed to escape such situations, providing them with a safe and secure home, psychological support and educational resources to help them re-enter society and live a happy, healthy, and independent life.


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