We’re excited to announce Drop in the Bucket as the grand prize winner of our Live to Give Grant Program!


Live to Give 2017 Update | Drop in the Bucket

Each year, we provide support to sponsor the Live to Give Grant Program, which acknowledges those in the community who are giving back through acts of inspiring service.


As we shared in April, the Live to Give Grant Program awards five winners with a $1,000 grant and one grand prize winner with a $5,000 grant to support the advancement of their organization or cause.


The grand prize winner, Drop in the Bucket, is a non-profit organization that builds wells and sanitation systems in sub-Saharan Africa communities. These systems provide the communities with access to clean water, leading to improved health outcomes and increased school enrollment rates. Access to clean water also helps promote gender equality: In East Africa, education for boys is prioritized; while girls are often tasked with finding clean water for their family instead of attending school. By providing clean water sources and establishing scholarship and mentorship programs, Drop in the Bucket empowers young women to pursue an education and realize their full potential.

Watch to learn more about Drop in the Bucket


Live to Give | Drop in the Bucket

We’re also excited to announce the following organizations as recipients of the $1,000 Live to Give Grant Awards:

Yoga4Alex, South Africa

Yoga4Alex is a non-profit organization that encourages children in Johannesburg, South Africa to use Kundalini Yoga as a tool to help focus in school and cope with stress and anxiety.


Light a Path, North Carolina

Light a Path connects yoga teachers and therapists to underserved and vulnerable members of the community, including incarcerated individuals, at-risk youth, low-income residents, and those in recovery from addiction.


Yoga Kidz, South Carolina

Yoga Kidz utilizes yoga and meditation to empower youth in South Carolina to become leaders in the movement for equality and integration, working with children from Kindergarten through 12th grade and training older students to become yoga instructors.


Golden Sol Yoga & Wellness + Downtown Women’s Center, California

Kundalini yoga students from Golden Sol Yoga & Wellness in Los Angeles, California, assist the Downtown Women’s Center with preparing and serving healthy meals to local homeless women. The program has served over 10,000 meals and also provides clothing and goods to women in need.


Walking for Water, US/Burkina Faso/Kenya

Walking for Water provides villages in Africa with drinking water and resources for education by establishing youth-organized programs.