Steep yourself a cup of your favorite Yogi tea, and find a comfortable seat.

Close your eyes, relax, and listen to the soothing vibrations of this calming Sound Bath, facilitated by Phyllicia Bonanno.


Mindfulness, meditation, and self-care can come in many forms. While some seek to find their center by taking a walk to reconnect with nature, holding a few yoga poses, or sitting in silence, others might turn to sound baths for a sense of calm and peace. Read on to learn more about this ancient practice, and watch a soothing sound bath performed by Phyllicia Bonanno.

What is a Sound Bath?


Sound baths use various instruments to create an experience where participants are “bathed” in sound generated by various instruments, such as crystal singing bowls.


Unlike traditional instrumental music, the resulting sounds are typically unstructured and without melody; allowing your mind to focus only on the sonorous vibrations produced by each note.


Participants often listen to sound baths while laying or sitting on a yoga mat, and are encouraged to remain focus on the sounds produced by the singing bowls. The result is an experience that can be extremely soothing and relaxing. In fact, observational studies have shown that there may be wellness benefits to sound baths, including decreased tension and decreased physical pain, as well as a positive impact on mood.

Watch This Soothing Sound Bath to Calm Your Body and Mind | Yogi Tea

Soothing Sound Bath with Phyllicia Bonanno


To share this soothing sound bath, we partnered with Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga instructor who also practices sound therapy and shares meditative sound bath videos on her Instagram. For this particular sound bath meditation, Bonanno leads us through a calming at-home session, followed by a cup of her favorite Yogi tea. Says Bonanno on her Instagram:


“The best part about meditating at home is that there are no rules, there is no wrong or right way, I can just relax and allow the vibrations of the sounds flow through my body. Part of my self-care ritual is taking gentle sips of Yogi tea at the end of a meditation to seal the practice. Echinacea Immune Support is perfect for respiratory function with a lovely blend of Peppermint, Lemongrass, and Licorice.”


Watch the full sound bath video below to find your own moment of mindfulness and relaxation, right in your own home.

Sound Bath, Photos, and Video by @phyllicia.bonanno
Watch This Soothing Sound Bath to Calm Your Body and Mind | Yogi Tea

Watch This Soothing Sound Bath from Phyllicia Bonanno to Help Calm Your Body and Mind