Focus on Your Breath With This Soothing Yoga Pose Series

The end of the year can be a hectic, stressful time – and boy, does that especially feel true this year.

Amidst the last-minute holiday shopping, “zooming” family and friends from afar, and wrapping up the year’s final projects, it can be easy to forget that taking care of your wellbeing should also be a priority.

That said, self-care doesn’t have to be another stress-inducing task on your to-do list. Recentering your body and mind can take just a few moments!

In fact, one of our favorite ways to shift our focus and de-stress is by focusing on our breath and taking a few moments to engage in a series of soothing yoga poses.

We teamed up with Phyllicia Bonanno to create this soothing yoga pose series, which pairs wonderfully with Yogi Breathe Deep tea. Together, they are a gentle reminder to inhale, exhale, and show yourself a little love.

Phyllicia Bonnano with Yogi Breathe Deep Tea | Yogi Tea

Shared by Phyllicia Bonanno

“Everything that we do ⁣
is linked to our breath.

Our breath gives us life.

Take a moment to focus your attention on your breath, ⁣
feeling it flow through your entire being.

Taking a deep breath in,
filling up completely,
feeling your lungs and ⁣
chest gently open and expand.

Then with the exhale completely release; emptying out every bit from the lungs.

Feel everything pull inward,
as you let go.

Allow yourself to move with the breath

inhale to open up and expand;
exhale to fold and release.

Continue to breathe deeply,
relaxing more into each pose. “

“Our breath is vital to our health and well-being. It is not something to take for granted as it literally gives us life. I like to take time to focus on the breath either in seated meditation or in my yoga flow.

I love pairing these moments with Yogi Breathe Deep tea to help support respiratory function. This herbal tea is a combination of Licorice, Thyme, and Eucalyptus – a great combination of aromatic herbs to support you when doing breathwork with your yoga practice.

Some of my favorite yoga poses to breathe deeply in are: ⁣

💙 Seated meditation ⁣
💙 Forward fold ⁣
💙 Cobra pose ⁣
💙 Puppy pose ⁣
💙 Bridge ⁣

You can stay in each pose for as many breaths as you need, taking your time, doing what feels good for your body.”


Yogi Breathe Deep Tea | Yogi Tea

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