Anyone else really feeling that hour lost to Daylight Savings this week?

You’re not alone – and, as it turns out, our fatigue isn’t limited to “falling back” for Daylight Savings each spring.

In our recent survey with mindbodygreen, nearly 47% of you said that, in the past year, you have had trouble falling or staying asleep, while nearly 25% of you said you’re getting in fewer hours of shut-eye (not to mention, nearly 10% responded simply: “…what’s sleep?”).

While we can’t solve all of our sleep woes overnight, one of our favorite ways to support a good night’s sleep is with a relaxing sound bath from our friend Phyllicia Bonanno.

Pair the soothing sounds of this bedtime sound bath with a comforting cup of Yogi Bedtime tea for an even more relaxing, stress-relieving experience. This caffeine-free herbal blend combines herbs like Passionflower, Skullcap, Chamomile, and Valerian – each traditionally used in herbalism and Ayurveda for their relaxing, sleep-supporting properties.

Ready to get relaxed? Join us in listening to the soothing, sleep-inducing vibrations of this bedtime sound bath, and be sure to steep yourself a cozy cup of Yogi Bedtime tea before we begin – because there’s no better way to support your wellbeing than by starting with a good night’s sleep!


More About This Bedtime Sound Bath from Phyllica Bonanno

To share this bedtime sound bath, we partnered with Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga instructor who also practices sound therapy and shares meditative sound bath videos on her Instagram. For this sound bath, Bonanno leads us through a relaxing, pre-bedtime session, to be enjoyed with Yogi Bedtime tea (or, your favorite Yogi Sleep & Stress Relief blend).


Bedtime Sound Bath | Yogi Tea

Bonanno tells us more about this Bedtime Sound Bath on her Instagram:

I love just closing my eyes as I allow the vibrations of the sounds pass through my body, releasing any stress or tension with each breath. As we enter into this new year, we all need to take a moment to pause, reflect, and rest. Sleep is so important to our overall well-being but can be easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of life. That’s why I like to wind down my day with a soothing sound bath and a cup of Yogi Bedtime tea. The perfect combination of passionflower, chamomile, licorice, cardamom, and cinnamon make it just right for drinking before bedtime. ⁣

  • Gently close your eyes⁣

  • Take a deep breath in filling up all the way⁣

  • Hold it at the top⁣

  • Exhale with an audible sigh ⁣

  • Releasing any tension, anything you may be holding on to. ⁣

  • Repeat this breath as many times as needed ⁣

  • Follow it with a softer, gentler breath, at an easy pace ⁣

  • Allowing yourself to let go with each breath.

Sound Bath, Photos, and Video by @phyllicia.bonanno

Support a Good Night’s Sleep With This Relaxing Bedtime Sound Bath Featuring Yogi Bedtime Tea