June 21 is the International Day of Yoga.

In 2014, the United Nations established June 21st as the International Day of Yoga, which recognizes the ancient practice of Yoga and aims to raise awareness about its physical and mental health benefits.
In its 2014 resolution, the United Nations stressed the importance of making healthier choices to improve global health, and highlighted yoga as a holistic approach that could benefit both physical and mental health outcomes.
This International Day of Yoga, the United Nations is focusing on the theme of “Yoga for Well-Being” – an important focus after a year in which global lockdowns impacted the mental and physical health of many. In a time where people desired a respite from stress and uncertainty, yoga proved to be a welcome addition to daily routines as a way to bolster both physical and mental well-being.
With the idea of “Yoga for Well-Being” in mind, we invite you to join us for a short, all-level outdoor yoga practice with our friend, Phyllicia Bonanno. It’s our hope that on this International Day of Yoga, it will provide you with a few moments to reconnect with nature, as well as a simple way to support your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
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More About This Practice From Phyllica Bonanno

To share this yoga practice, we partnered with Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga instructor who also practices sound therapy and shares meditative sound bath videos on her Instagram. A few key poses in this flow class include:
  • Mountain Pose

  • Warrior 1

  • Warrior 2

  • Peaceful Warrior

  • Half Moon

  • Warrior 3
  • Hip Circles

  • Pigeon

  • Camel Pose

  • Seated Breathwork

Phyllicia recommends enjoying a deliciously spiced glass of Yogi Ginger tea, and preparing it as iced tea for a tasty way to hydrate your body after this outdoor practice.
Learn more about how to prepare your favorite Yogi tea blends as iced tea here on the Yogi Tea Talk Blog!

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Celebrate the International Day of Yoga with this Outdoor Yoga Class Led by Phyllicia Bonanno