First Annual Sustainability Report

At Yogi, what makes our tea good goes beyond the contents of your mug – our company was founded to benefit people’s lives. We create quality products, do good in our communities, and promote the well-being of people around the world.

We consider sustainability in every aspect of our business and want to share our tea-making journey with you in our first Annual Sustainability Report. There are many challenges in making flavorful wellness teas – learn how we’re rising to meet them! In our report, we share:

  • Global Impact: Transparency in our supply chain and stories from farms around the world.

  • Local Efforts: Review of our production facilities and efforts from our tea professionals who are dedicated to provide ethical business practices and environmentalism in every blend.

  • Looking Forward: Efforts we are making to reduce our carbon footprint, packaging improvements, and how we are getting closer to the source

This is only our first report – but sustainability is a journey, and we want to bring you along with us! We couldn’t be who we are without you. Thank you for inspiring us to be better and supporting our efforts to make deliciously sustainable and purposeful tea.

Annual Sustainability Report