These days, finding ways to support our well-being is top of mind for most of us. We all lead busy lives, which can make it challenging to find opportunities to give ourselves the space to check in and make sure our body and minds are supported.

At Yogi, we believe in well-being that works for you. We don’t think there’s a one-size-fits all approach to supporting your personal wellness journey, which is why we asked our fans how they support their well-being. Here are some of the most common answers:

Mindfulness & Relaxation

Finding ways to relax and practice mindfulness can help you to clear your mind, refocus, and de-stress. Here are some ideas on how you can practice mindfulness and relaxation to support your well-being:
  • Practice breath work. If your new to breath work, check out this yoga pose series that focuses on mindful breathing.
  • Have a tea ceremony. Indulge your senses from touch, to smell and taste. Make this a daily or weekly ritual.
  • Practice the act of slowing down or purposely doing something slowly.
  • Invite a friend over for a vision board night! This is a great technique for focusing your goals and aspirations, as well as a wonderful creative outlet.
  • Journal regularly! We recommend buying a journal that you like the look and feel of to help associate positive emotions with the journal. This makes it more likely that you keep up the practice.
  • Write notes to yourself or post-its with positive affirmations or statements; read them every morning.
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Practice Movement

Movement is vital to maintaining both mental and physical well-being, even though it is something that many adults struggle to make time for in their busy lives.
  • Take a walk or go on a hike. A brisk walk outside has many benefits; like better concentration, increased oxygen levels from the fresh air, and stress reduction.
  • Dance it out! Turn on your favorite playlist and let loose. Looking for something with more structure? Check out our 20-Minute Latin Beat Dance Workout.
  • Exercise/go to the gym. Regular exercise not only keeps you fit and healthy, but also releases endorphins. Additional benefits include improved sleep quality and stress reduction.
  • Yoga or daily stretching. Regular stretching improves flexibility and mobility, and can help aid in stress reduction.
  • Clean your home/rest your space. Providing yourself with a tidy environment is essential for productivity and stress reduction. Tidy home = tidy mind.

Experience & Learn

Well-being isn’t all about physical stimulation and meditation. Getting out to experience new things, to learn, helps facilitate growth.
  • Cooking alone or with a friend. Trying new recipes is fun and helps bring variety to your day. Want some yummy inspo? Try this Iced Mocha Tea Latte recipe, or whip up a batch of these delicious Vegan Green Tea Blueberry Crumble Bars!
  • Take a class! Find something your interested in and do some research on classes in your area. Maybe you want to get into pottery, or learn a new instrument, or learn to hone your painting skills. No matter what it is, mental stimulation that you find rewarding will greatly improve your mental well-being and give you something to look forward to.
  • Set up a special date with a friend or partner. Break up your streaming binge with a fun activity that gets you both out of the house and into your community.
  • Or set up a monthly “You Date!” Take yourself out and treat yourself. Indulge a little and give yourself some love, you deserve it.
  • Join a local club or participate in a meet-up! Go with a friend or by yourself. These are greats ways to meet new people you may not normally interact with.
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Practice well-being that works for you.

Well-being means different things to different people, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Finding wellness rituals that work for you and that you truly enjoy will help ensure that you stick with them and get the most benefit.
Think about areas in your life that you can implement small but beneficial changes. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you.
How do you support your well-being? Tag us in your wellness rituals on social for a chance to be shared!