Celebrating our Global Community: Nelixia

An inspiring commitment to sustainability makes this Guatemalan superfood even more super. 

We love nature—and we love sharing it with you; through a cup of tea and through stories of agricultural stewardship that made that tea possible. One such partner in eco-excellence is Nelixia, a supplier of organic, Rainforest Alliance-certified cardamom from the forests of Guatemala.


There’s a lot to admire about Nelixia, all the way down to their location: their offices are deep in nature, convenient to cardamom-producing forests, to facilitate long-term relationships with the 7 Indigenous communities that work that land. Like any healthy relationship, it’s reciprocal: Nelixia gives back to farmers through direct investment in regenerative forestry as well as trainings on everything from soil conservation to safer work practices.

In fact, in addition to the 70 hectares of agricultural land that they’ve already transformed into organic agroforestry systems, another 100 hectares are set to be reforested through their Restore Together program. Regenerative projects like these are the perfect complement to our other sustainability efforts in the area, like our agroforestry collaboration in Alta Verapaz.


None of our efforts to create a just, sustainable tea world are possible without the co-creation of solutions—and beautiful ingredients—alongside our suppliers. We’re inspired to be a part of the global community of sustainable change-makers.

Click here to read more about how sustainability guides our entire organization from farm to cup; our latest sustainability report is a celebration of all the ways your tea is made with nature in mind.



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