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Find Balance this Winter

    Winter is a time to warm up and dry out—especially our respiratory tracts. To ward off cold and maintain good health during… Read More

Yogi Tea Holiday Treats

    Spice up your holidays with these delicious goodies made with some of your favorite Yogi teas!   Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Cookies… Read More

Stay Healthy this Fall

    Fall is a time of transition. We shift from hot weather to cold weather and the climate swings back and forth between… Read More

Yogi Chai Tea Latte

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

  Here’s a simple to make yoga mat cleaner, just the thing to freshen up your practice!   What you’ll need –  Glass… Read More

Sage Pesto

    Here’s a fun twist to traditional pesto! It’s easy to make and delicious as a spread, dip or sauce.   Ingredients… Read More

Arugula Dill Summer Salad

    Looking for the perfect summer side dish? Here’s a simple recipe for a fresh and delicious chopped salad!   Ingredients * 4… Read More

Dress up Your Drink: Herbal Ice Cubes

    Add a refreshing twist to your favorite cold drinks with these easy to make herbal ice cubes!   All You’ll Need… Read More

The Kumari Project

Bridging Communities in Honduras


Get To Know Green Tea