Yogi Annual Sustainability Report

Our Annual Sustainability Report takes you on a journey beyond the ingredients list, where we invite you to meet the remarkable individuals who cultivate and grow the ingredients that define Yogi and Choice Organics teas. Behind every ingredient lies a story of dedicated farmers, each with their own names, families, and unique experiences and we’re so excited to share these stories with you.

Diving into our supply chain landscape, we engaged in meaningful conversations with our suppliers about their sustainable practices as well as our reviewing our own operations and collaborations. This report offers an unfiltered look at our efforts, as well as those of our suppliers, in cultivating sustainable and regenerative teas on farms around the world.

You’ll hear stories of partnerships, communities, and local farmers supporting one another. In some cases, we’re closely involved, while others highlight how these farmers, the creators of the teas you enjoy, are caring for their land, just as their parents did before them and their children will after. We firmly believe that sharing this insight is crucial for understanding the essence of our teas and the global advancements we’re making in sustainability.

The stories shared in this report help to illustrate how we, along with our suppliers, create and foster well-being across the world. Our hope is that the next time you glance at our ingredients list, these inspiring stories will come to mind and further deepen your appreciation for all of the care and effort that goes into each cup of Yogi tea.

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