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How are Yogi teas and Choice Organics teas related?

Sister brands since 2019, Yogi teas and Choice Organics teas are crafted under one roof in a LEED-certified facility in Eugene, OR. Carefully balanced to perfection for a delicious cup every time, our flavorful teas are sustainably sourced from around the world with you and the planet in mind.

Where can I purchase your teas?

Our teas are available nationwide in the US at your local grocery, natural, and supermarket stores. To find a list of stores in your area that carry our teas, we welcome you to use our online Where to Buy tool.*


Our teas can also be ordered through various online retailers such as Amazon , Walmart , and Instacart , among many others. They are also available to ship internationally at iHerb.


*We encourage you to call ahead to confirm availability, as day-to-day inventory may vary.

How do I brew your teas?

To get the most out of your cup, we recommend following the suggested brewing instructions found on the back panel of each of our tea cartons. These instructions can also be found on the back of each individual tea envelope. You can also visit our individual product pages for brewing information.


For optimal results, we recommend using 8 oz water per tea bag. Bring the water to boiling or just to boiling (depending on the tea variety), and steep for the time indicated on the outer carton. Once fully steeped, you can remove the tea bag from the cup, allow the infusion to cool to your desired temperature, and enjoy! Please note that for our green teas in particular, we suggest a 3 minute brew time for optimal flavor, as brewing green teas longer can result in a more bitter-tasting cup of tea.

Can I drink your teas cold or over ice?

We welcome you to enjoy our teas cold or over ice, but we do recommend following the brewing instructions indicated on the back of our tea cartons and individual tea envelopes.* For iced tea, we suggest using 8 oz of water per tea bag. Once the tea has been hot brewed according to the carton’s instructions and has fully steeped, allow it to cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Once chilled to your desired temperature, you may then add sweeteners, lemon and/or ice to suite your preference. If you plan on adding ice to your tea, we suggest using 2 tea bags per 8 oz water.


For iced tea in minutes, use 2 tea bags per 8 oz water. Brew and steep as directed, then pour over ice and enjoy!


*Our Yogi tea varieties are formulated  based on Ayurvedic principles that encourage drinking hot teas for the most effective digestion and health benefits. The functional benefits of Yogi teas work the same whether cool or hot, as long as you follow our recommended brewing instructions as noted above.

Is your tea ethically sourced?

We are proud to share that we are a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, which develops and implements programs across the globe to create a more fair and sustainable tea industry for tea workers, farmers, and the environment. Learn more about ETHICAL TEA PARTNERSHIP.

Are your teas organic?

We are proud of our commitment to use certified organic ingredients as often as possible. The vast majority of our teas are Certified USDA Organic or USDA Made with Organic herbs through Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent third party organic certifier. Additionally, our manufacturing facility is Organically Certified by QAI. As a certified organic facility, we follow the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) for our organic ingredients and teas, which prohibits the use of most synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, sewer sludge, irradiation and GMOs. Our facility is audited by QAI on an annual basis to ensure our processes, the ingredients in our teas, and finished tea formulas adhere to the NOP’s strict requirements. We welcome you to learn more about our sourcing and quality standards by visiting Our Process.

USDA Certified Organic – Yogi teas and Choice Organics teas marked with this label contain a minimum of 95% Certified Organic ingredients and have received certification from a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) accredited organization.

USDA Certified Made with Organic – Yogi teas marked with this label are made with a minimum of 70% Certified Organic ingredients and have received certification by a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) accredited organization.

Are your teas Non-GMO?

As part of our commitment to adhere to the USDA’s National Organic Program standards, our teas do not contain GMO ingredients. We partner with the Non-GMO Project organization and the majority of our teas carry the Non-GMO Project Verification seal on their cartons to provide transparency to our consumers. The Yogi teas and Choice Organics teas bearing the Non-GMO Project Verified seal have completed a comprehensive third-party verification process, which ensures that the tea is compliant with the Non-GMO Project Standard.

Do you test your teas for heavy metals?

Yes! We have stringent quality standards, supply chain controls and testing programs in place to ensure all the ingredients in our teas and finished products meet strict quality and purity standards. To ensure consistency and quality, all our ingredients are reviewed and tested for heavy metals upon receipt, including lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury, and we can confirm that our ingredients comply with FDA standards.

Are your teas kosher?

Yes! We’re happy to confirm that all our teas are Kosher certified by the Orthodox Union and carry the certification seal on packaging.

Are your teas halal?

Our products do not have official halal certification, but they are compliant with halal practices. We’re happy to confirm that all our teas are vegetarian. Regarding alcohol, we do not add alcohol to any of our teas. However, some of our teas contain alcohol-based organic flavors and/or herbal extracts. Although the alcohol evaporates from these ingredients before they are added to our tea blends, we don’t measure for residual amounts. If any of our teas contain an organic flavor and/or herbal extract, it would be listed within the ingredient list on the outer carton.

Do your teas contain any known allergens?

All our teas are made without any of the nine FDA-recognized allergens and therefore do not contain milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat, or soybeans.

Do your teas contain any gluten?

We are happy to confirm that all our current teas are gluten-free and the facility they are produced in is gluten-free. In addition, our tea bag material and packaging contain no added gluten.

Do your teas contain any calories or carbohydrates?

All our bagged tea products contain less than two calories per tea bag and less than one gram of carbohydrates per tea bag. We also recently introduced three new liquid concentrate latte products, which contain between 50 and 90 calories per serving, and between 14 and 23 grams of carbohydrates per serving:


LIGHT Organic Chai Latte

Contains 50 calories and 14 grams carbohydrates per serving


CAFFEINE FREE Organic Chai Latte

Contains 90 calories and 23 grams carbohydrates per serving


CLASSIC Organic Chai Latte

Contains 90 calories and 23 grams carbohydrates per serving


Are your teas vegan?

All our teas are vegetarian, and all our teas are vegan with the exception of the following three Yogi tea varieties: Honey Lavender Stress Relief, Honey Lemon Throat Comfort, and Honey Chai Turmeric Vitality. While these three teas were previously vegan, we very recently added real Honey Powder to their formulas, and honey as a natural ingredient cannot be vegan certified. We expect the new versions of these teas to start reaching store shelves in the coming months. You will be able to identify which version you have by looking at the Supplement Facts panel ‘Other Ingredients’ section to see if ‘Honey Powder’ is listed. In addition, the new versions of these teas will no longer have the Vegan symbol printed on their cartons.

What are the Organic Flavors used in some of your teas?

Some of our teas contain Organic Flavors to enhance the unique flavor experience. These Organic Flavors are made from organic natural sources such as spices, fruits, herbs and roots, and do not contain nor are they processed with any artificial ingredients. They are also vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and do not contain Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG). Further, all our teas and the Organic Flavors used in them are made without any of the nine FDA recognized allergens and therefore do not contain milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat or soybeans.

Do your teas contain caffeine?

We have over 60 varieties of herbal, green and black teas. Some of them contain caffeine, while others are naturally caffeine-free.


For Yogi teas, the caffeine content information can be found on the bottom left corner of the Yogi tea cartons and on the individual tea envelopes. The caffeine content of each Yogi tea will be listed as one of the following:


   – Contains Caffeine: Indicates a tea that contains caffeine. The amount of caffeine is detailed within the Supplement Facts panel, as well as on the back of the individual tea envelope.


   – Caffeine Free: Indicates a tea that does not contain any caffeine as it is made from ingredients that are naturally caffeine-free.


   – Decaffeinated: Indicates a tea made with some amount of decaffeinated Green Tea leaves, and contains some small residual amount of caffeine.


For Choice Organics teas, our tea cartons and envelopes indicate a range of caffeine using a circle scale. The circle is filled in to denote the amount of caffeine. 0 circles (not filled in) represents teas that are caffeine free. 0.5 circles (half-filled in circle) represents our organic decaffeinated teas that contain trace amounts of caffeine due to our all-natural decaffeination process that is free of toxic chemicals. Our caffeinated teas range from 1 to 4 circles, with 4 indicating the highest amount of caffeine. Specific amounts of caffeine can be found on our individual product pages.

Do you offer caffeine free teas?

Yes! Many of our teas are naturally caffeine free. We welcome you to view a full list of our caffeine-free teas here: Organic Caffeine Free Teas

What method do you use to remove the caffeine from your decaffeinated teas?

Our decaffeinated tea leaves are treated using supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2 processing). This process is the only decaffeination method approved for certified organics teas. It is an all-natural process that is free of toxic chemicals. It removes a majority of the caffeine and at the same time preserves the botanical compounds, which impart the flavor of the tea. While a chemical process would strip the caffeine completely from the tea leaves, our process does leave trace amounts of caffeine.

Are your tea cartons recyclable?

Yes! Our tea cartons are recyclable. They are made from 100% recycled paperboard, and are printed entirely with environmentally-friendly, vegetable-based inks.

Are your tea bags compostable?

All our tea bag components are compostable with the exception of the staples used to seal the bag and attach the tag on some of our teas.

What are your tea bags made from?

For our tea bags, we use a non-heat sealable filtration paper made from a select blend of high quality manila hemp (abaca) fibers and wood pulp. This filtration paper does not contain any plastics, and is oxygen bleached using a natural process that is completely free of chemicals or toxins, including dioxin. Our attached tea bag string is made from organic material.


Our tea bag filtration paper is also free of gluten, GMOs, and corn, and does not contain any of the nine FDA-recognized allergens (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, wheat, or soybeans).


We welcome you to learn more about the packaging materials used for our teas by visiting Our Process.

Can your outer tea bag envelopes be recycled or composted?

Our outer envelopes are not compostable or recyclable at this time due to their protective inner lining. This lining acts as a food safety barrier, eliminating the need for any outer carton cellophane wrap. Our individually sealed tea bags preserve the freshness and quality of our teas in a variety of shipping and storage conditions. We are continuously looking for alternative solutions and hope to introduce a recyclable or compostable solution in the near future.

How should I store my tea?

We recommend storing your tea away from any moisture and limit exposure to air and light. Our tea bags are packaged inside heat-sealed envelopes that have a protective lining that acts as a food safety barrier, helping to effectively preserve the freshness and quality of our tea in a variety of shipping and storage conditions.

Where can I find the Best Before date on your teas?

All our tea cartons are stamped with a Best Before date to ensure maximum flavor and freshness for our consumers. This date can be found on the left side of our tea cartons (in the colored bar space for Choice Organics teas, and near the Yoga pose for Yogi teas). Our teas are perfectly safe to enjoy outside of the Best Before window; however, you may notice a difference in potency or flavor after that time.

Can I drink your teas if I am pregnant or nursing, taking any medication or if I have a medical condition?

We take a conservative approach to individual health, especially when it concerns those who are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking any medications. Please note that some of our Yogi tea varieties carry a warning to consult a healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or are taking any medication. If a Yogi tea carries this warning, it would be printed on the Supplement Facts panel on the tea’s outer carton.


Given that everyone can respond uniquely to herbs and botanicals, we strongly recommend you consult your qualified healthcare provider with any concerns you may have about your consumption of our teas. A qualified healthcare provider is best suited to identify any substances to which you may be uniquely sensitive, address any specific questions you may have about your health, and make a recommendation in light of your personal medical profile.