Finding Me: The Gift of Self-Awareness with Andrea Gibson

There are few people in this world like Andrea Gibson—but that’s not how they’d have you see it.

Now two-and-a-half years into an ovarian cancer diagnosis, they’ve never felt more grateful for the clarity on life, fear, joy—and, yes, impermanence—that their diagnosis has offered. And this revelation is something they want to share; something Andrea believes we all have access to. They offer us a reminder that facing our own mortality is perhaps the simplest truth about life—Andrea says, “I will not fight against what is.”

Andrea is a spoken word artist, poet, author, performer, and activist. A partner, a tea-lover, a deep-thinker-and-feeler. And at any given moment they are just… Andrea. Andrea is honest, Andrea is optimistic. Andrea is open to literally whatever the moment has to offer: humility, euphoria—even the worst pain they’ve ever experienced. Because, when “you tap into the brevity of something…everything becomes more special.”

Andrea considers their diagnosis to be a gift, and we consider our conversation with them to be one, too. Join us in sharing a cup of tea with Andrea; watch their story here.