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Get Well Gift Box

Yogi’s beautiful Get Well Gift Box contains 45 individually wrapped organic tea bags. Enjoy it yourself or give the gift of Yogi’s 9 most popular Cold and Wellness teas all blended for delicious flavor and healthful benefit during the cold season.

The Get Well Gift Box includes Bedtime, Blueberry Sage Stress Relief, Breathe Deep, Cinnamon Horchata Stress + Sleep, Cold Season, Echinacea Immune Support, Elderberry Lemon Balm Immune + Stress, Sweet Lemon Everyday Immune, and Throat Comfort. From warm and toasty Cinnamon Horchata Sleep + Stress tea to herbaceous and minty Echinacea Immune Support tea, the soothing teas in this Gift Box are a flavorful way to support your body and mind during the colder months.

Caffeine Free
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