Yogi’s history is rooted in Ayurveda, the holistic teachings that focus on achieving balance between the body and mind. For many of us, achieving this mind-body balance in today’s fast-paced, over-stimulating world can prove to be quite difficult. Thankfully, a number of Ayurvedic herbs – such as Lavender, Kava, Valerian, Chamomile, and Helichrysum – offer natural support for those seeking a moment of rest and relaxation. And, because the teachings of Ayurveda continue to inform how we develop our products; you’ll find these herbs in many Yogi teas, particularly our Sleep & Stress Relief teas.


Native to Europe and Asia and a native to the daisy family, Chamomile Flower has traditionally been used for its mild, relaxing effect and for promoting a balanced mood.This combination makes it an excellent choice for promoting restful sleep.

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Kava, a calming herb native to the South Pacific Islands, is often prepared by pounding or grating the fresh kava root; mixing it with water or coconut milk, and serving the blend as a beverage. Kava Root is traditionally used for its calming and relaxing effects; particularly to help relieve tension and de-stress before bedtime.

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When used as an essential oil, this golden-colored flower is believed to help “open up” the right side of the brain; which is said to improve creativity, increase dream activity, and encourage spirituality and personal growth. When prepared as a tea, Helichrysum has also been used to support ailments associated with jet lag and PMS.

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This delightfully fragrant herb, which is related to the Mint family; has been used for hundreds of years for its calming, relaxing effects.

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Though its flowers were originally used in the sixteenth century as a perfume, Valerian is now widely known for its ability to promote relaxation and can help calm the mind before bedtime.