At Yogi, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and are proud to take steps to give back to the planet that gives us so much. Learn more about our most recent effort to reduce our electricity-based carbon footprint through the purchase of wind power RECs.

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Offsetting our Carbon Footprint with RECs

With the construction of our new LEED-Certified production facility in Eugene, OR, our operations team implemented several new sustainability measures to further mitigate our environmental impact, including the purchase of RECs, or Renewable Energy Certificates.

What are RECs, and how do they work?

A REC – or Renewable Energy Certificate – enables businesses and individuals to decrease their carbon footprint and support renewable energy development.

At Yogi, we purchase wind power RECs from 3Degrees, a certified B Corporation which provides renewable energy and emission reduction solutions to businesses taking steps to mitigate climate change.

3Degrees explains:

“When electricity is produced from a renewable generator, such as a wind turbine, there are two products: the energy, which is delivered to the grid and mixes with other forms of energy, and the REC.”

“When renewable energy is delivered to the grid, it cannot be distinguished from electrons from non-renewable sources. The REC is a way to track the renewable electricity and is like a receipt for owning the environmental benefits associated with the generation of renewable energy. “

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The Positive Impact of Purchasing RECs

Through the purchase of 1,222,000 KWH of renewable energy to offset 100% of our energy use, we significantly reduce our electricity-based carbon footprint and environmental impact.

In fact, the renewable energy generation that we support through the purchase of wind power RECs has a positive environmental impact, which is comparable to growing 23,569 seedlings for 10 years, taking 159 cars off the road for 1 year, or reducing oil use by 2,106 gallons.


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By purchasing wind power RECs and striving to “Be Good” in all aspects of our business, we not only offset our own carbon footprint, but also support the development of renewable energy technologies that help to make renewable energy alternatives more affordable for all.

You can learn more about our efforts to “Be Good” in all aspects of our business by visiting the Our Process page.
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