Spring is a time for growth and renewal.

And what better way to feel renewed than with a 15-minute yoga flow class?

Join us and Phyllicia Bonanno for an all-levels yoga flow class that celebrates the arrival of spring and a season of growth and renewal. With its notes of bold, herbaceous Green Tea and bright, fruity Passionfruit and Plum flavors, our Green Tea Kombucha tea perfectly embodies the feeling of spring – and serves as the inspiration for this yoga flow class.

Before we begin, we encourage you to take a moment to set an intention for your practice. Reflect on what the new spring season means to you. How do you plan to welcome growth or change in the months ahead?

Ready to begin? Join us for this 15-minute yoga flow class and be sure to steep yourself a bright and delightful cup of Yogi Green Tea Kombucha tea once you’re done on the mat. There’s no better way to support your body and mind for growth and renewal in the season ahead!


More About This Yoga Flow Class with Phyllica Bonanno


To share this 15-minute yoga flow class, we partnered with Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga instructor who also practices sound therapy and shares meditative sound bath videos on her Instagram.

For this yoga flow class, Bonanno leads us through a series of poses designed to welcome the spring season, to be enjoyed with Yogi Green Tea Kombucha tea.


15-Minute Yoga Flow Class With Phyllicia Bonanno | Yogi Tea

Welcome the Spring Season With This 15-Minute Yoga Flow Class with Phyllica Bonanno