May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

Each year,  1 in 5 adults in the United States experience mental illness, and 1 in 20 will experience serious mental illness. Despite the sobering nature of these statistics, they also serve to remind us that those experiencing mental health issues are not alone. As such, “You are Not Alone” is the message that organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health America aim to share during Mental Health Awareness Month (observed since 1949) as a way to raise awareness and share resources relating to mental health.
This month, in observation of Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re taking a few extra moments each day to prioritize our mental health and well-being. One of our favorite ways to do so is with a meditation practice. As we’ve previously discussed on the Yogi Tea Talk Blog, establishing a meditation practice can help reduce psychological stress, and improve overall quality of life.
There are many forms of meditation, from simple breathing exercises to repeating a mantra. Here, we invite you to join us in a Sound Bath Meditation with Phyllicia Bonanno, who utilizes the soothing sounds of singing bowls and ocean waves to help you center your body and mind.
Ready to begin? Find a comfortable seat, brew yourself a cup of your favorite Yogi tea, and take in the calming vibrations of this Sound Bath.
Mental Health Awareness Month Sound Bath | Yogi Tea

More About This Sound Bath From Phyllica Bonanno

To share this Sound Bath, we partnered with Phyllicia Bonanno, a yoga instructor who also practices sound therapy and shares meditative sound bath videos on her Instagram. For this Sound Bath, she notes:
“I love taking my meditation practice with me everywhere. There is no wrong or right way to meditate, all that matters is you give yourself the space to open up, feel, relax, and let go.
You can meditate at home – seated or laying down, in your car during your lunch break, at the park while your children are playing, or even at the beach… the possibilities are endless. When you allow yourself to step out of the confines of what you believe something is suppose to look like, and just embrace the moment- that is when you go deeper and grow within. ⁣⁣
So my challenge to you is find quiet moments wherever you are. Knowing that peace is always within you. And don’t forget to bring along your favorite Yogi tea blend.
To enjoy this Sound Bath meditation I recommend using headphones to immerse yourself in the sounds.⁣⁣


-Phyllicia Bonanno

Mental Health Awareness Month Sound Bath | Yogi Tea

Find a Meditative Moment with this Beachside Sound Bath with Phyllicia Bonanno